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Analytical Facilities

Makin Research Center has well-designed and well prepared laboratories furnished with all facilities required for sampling, measurement and test performance.

Makin Research Center infrastructure consists of four laboratories each on perform a separated process that avoid the over contamination.

MRC' laboratories are:

  • Preparation laboratory: in which samples under investigation are primary prepared to be finalized in the central lab.
  • Central Laboratory: in which samples under investigation are finalized to be detected on HPLC, UPLC or LC-MS/MS.
  • LC-MS / MS laboratory: in which LC-MS/MS devices are process and operated.

MRC' Quality system is monitoring the environmental conditions and the performed activities through MRC' labs in order to assure the suitability and the validity of the environment in which the tests would be performed and to achieve the confidence level in compliance with the international guidelines.

Makin Research Center is providing it's laboratories with high brand equipment that is required for the correct performance of activities and tests.

MRC' lab equipment are regularly maintained and calibrated to assure the accuracy of analytical results.


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